Music Video Monday #3 : Schizophrenic

Music Video Monday #3 : Schizophrenic #MusicMonday

Roll The Apple 2020

Welcome to 2020! Are we all full of new inspiration and ideas? I certainly am. But instead of telling you all of the awesome things I intend to do this year I will let the production value speak for itself. And honestly, I am more curious than any of you about what that is going... Continue Reading →

A self branding artist logo

So I was playing with a logo idea to self brand across platforms and I came up with this. For those who might not get the reference, A golden apple is representative of Kallisti, Eris's golden apple of mythology. This is because much of my work has a Discordian / Erisian influence. And even though... Continue Reading →

Why I Stopped Posting

I didn't stop writing, but I did stop posting for a few reasons. There's been much personal growth over the last half a year and am still learning to balance life in a way that has productive results.

10 children of Thyatira begin their first test of Hell. Each is promised a position in lordship upon completion of their training, but only one will be worthy of the crown. When the boy without a name crosses the threshold, the others are nowhere to be found, and he starts to realize he might not have the qualities of a leader after all.

This is my second Liebster and sunshine award combined into one post. I haven't been doing any personal stories so these awards are a way for me to share a bit about myself.

The Barbarians head out for their raid on Bullinvard while Catori struggles with an inner conflict. Is a daring escape really the right move?

Captive in a barbarian camp, Catori begins to find a sense of purpose in survival while the men of the raid conspire to set a better purpose to their acts of war.

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