Hi, I’m Harley.

I originally began writing this story in cursive on a handmade book. I tried using a calligraphy pen but the ink would bleed into the page leaving indecipherable puddles. I completed that book (it was very short) with high hopes of making sequels in the same style. However, it got destroyed.

But the story was still stuck in my head itching to get out again. So I wrote on regular paper making notes, drawing pictures, even creating a few manga type pages to go with it. But when I started traveling and moving it got packed away. Knowing one day I’ll bring it back out, I kept writing more parts on a computer. Well, the computer died and I still haven’t got those notes back. Many more loose leaf notes have been lost in moves and the original notes I really don’t know if they still exist or not.

So here I am with a novel worth of story in my head, yet feeling defeated when wanting to get it made. So instead of recreating notes only to store them away, I have created this blog to develop the backstory for it in small easy to read pieces. Then perhaps one day, not too far in the future, I will get the planned novel published!

So, if you like the what you see and are interested in what this story will become it would mean a lot to me if you press the follow button and read along!

Thanks for visiting!   ^_^


The Artwork :

I use an art filter app to get the effects on my images. If I have stamped the image with my name then it means I have put enough effort into the pre/post construction of the image to want to say “I did that!” – this can include drawing the image by hand, using my own photography, or I may have pieced together the image digitally from multiple sources, and/or put a significant about of time into painting/altering the image to get the look I want. It implies I put enough effort into it to want to take credit for it.

Other images that do not have my signature/stamp are typically photos from the Creative Commons Licence free to use that I have put through the art filters and may have done some minor alterations and touch ups on.

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