Hi, I’m Harley.

This is my creative writing space, a mix of fantasy and real life stories. There will be reoccurring characters that you can grow to love, visual art and some unique moments in my own life that I will share with you.

If you like the what you see and are interested in what this story will become please press the follow button and return again soon.

Thanks for dropping by!



Category : Fiction – This is a collection of short stories from my fictional world The Nepenthe. As the stories unfold, I will give a more detailed summary.

Category : Flash Fiction – I am currently participating in a flash fiction challenge where we are to write one story per week under a given theme using a maximum of 100 words. I am using this as an inspiration to write some of The Nepenthe’s backstory.

All Non-Fiction Short Stories are categorized under Harley as they are, of course, my own.



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