Welcome to my fictional world of short stories where human life meets fantasy all thanks to a little potion called the Nepenthe. The recipe for this potion is known only among the tribe of Thyatira. Those who take it open up a link between realms where not only do many fantastic creatures exist but also the angels and demons! Those who take the Nepenthe temporarily evolve to an alternate form more true to themselves than their current incarnation and that form can then be practiced at will.

I will continue to update the summaries here as more of the storyline is revealed. This will make it easier to understand the broader part of the story of which you may only be reading parts of – unless you love this story so much that you are reading all of them!

I am in the process of editing and rewriting these stories as well as updating some of the artwork. As I do, I will post the links below the character summaries on this page so that all The Nepenthe (updated) stories are easy to find in one spot. Although there’s no strict order to the short stories, there is a general progressive timeline that leads up to what will soon be a novel by the same name. You can also click “the nepenthe” in the category cloud on the side bar to find the short story posts.

If you like a specific character or two and want to read only their stories, you can click their name in the category cloud on the sidebar. If the name of the character is not mentioned within the story, look at the category tags in that post to find out who it is.

Character Summaries –  So far revealed – I am in the process of updating some of the art to look more cohesive.

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The Boy – Zephaniah – This is a young tribal boy from Thyatira who has high hopes of earning his way to rulership over the Nexus – a specific area in which Hell touches Earth. His Nepenthe induced form is a Wolf-Demon.

Emerald – The Mermaid – With long awaited dreams of being able to dance above the water’s surface, she befriends The Boy who, in helping her escape from his tribe, gives her their notorious potion, the Nepenthe, to alter her form. She becomes Human in her altered form.

Jack – A player who struggles to keep a relationship, looses the job he hates and decides to go mercenary.

Anya – A mysteriously independent woman who has left her home life in pursuit of greater purpose. She has a life long bond with Jack, but cannot make a relationship work with him.

Catori – Advanced Necromancer – She is still the companion of her deceased love, Dee. Her village has been invaded and slaughtered by barbarians, one of whom has kept her captive with the impression she has useful healing abilities. With Dee’s help she is learning a mass rising spell that will help her escape.

Dee – A ghost who sticks around on the human plain still in love with Catori. He spends much of his time snooping into other peoples business and can be quite useful in difficult situations.

Cade – Barbarian General – Leading his men into pillages, he starts to come up with a more strategic plan that would be against their cheif, but be of much more benefit to his people. He develops an unintended bond with his captive, Catori, that might just cost him everything.


Updated and Rewritten

In original posting order – Editing in progress

Post 01 : Anya & Jack: Reunion – The Neo Years; takes place many years after the main stories.

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