Friend by the Waters Edge (The Boy and the Mermaid – part 2)

The men of Thyatira load the fishing boat while the boy sneaks around the corner to see his new found friend.   "I brought you another fairy," he says as he sees her surface from the water. "Why are you in the water?" he asks. "Because I cannot walk," she answers. He's silent and hands... Continue Reading →


A New Encounter (The Boy and the Mermaid – part 1)

He dives to catch it, but another set of hands lay under his. A girl in the water. He sits up. She cups the little fairy in her hands bringing it to her mouth and swallows it. She then disappears into the water.   The boy spends the next week capturing another fairy.¬† He then¬†... Continue Reading →

The Witch’s Potion

"I'm a monster. A demon," the boy stares into his reflection.   The body beneath him moves. There's no need for weapons, he has claws now, sharper than knives. Perhaps he'll give them a try.   "You've taken my nepenthe. You will be damned," she coughs up her own blood.   "Witch, you will die... Continue Reading →

The Boy I Never Talked To

It's the turn of the century, for me grade 11, second year of High School. There's this boy I find incredibly dreamy. He looks like he just walked off the page of a graphic novel. Taller and thinner than most of the other guys, he has this exotic looking face that if I explain it... Continue Reading →

Jack’s beginning #2

"Can't wait to get out of this Hell hole," Jack wipes the sweat from his forehead as he flips another burger. The kitchen is always stifling this time of year. "What you thinkin' of doin'?" Mav asks. The stretched ears and full beard make him look more like a hippy than he is. "Mercenary work,"... Continue Reading →

Jack’s Beginning #1

"You're choosing her over me!?" Jack and Livia stand in the parking lot outside the fast food joint. "Liv, no. I had this same conversation with her. The only difference is that she's willing to accept it. She's willing to accept you and it allows me to be who I really am." "So everything between... Continue Reading →

The Little Frantic Fish

Our tank has been looking pretty bare with only 3 tetras swimming around in ten gallons of water. I don't want more fish. These 3 get along so well and I'm afraid that adding more fish might disrupt the zen. It wasn't long ago I watched a couple pregnant guppies get their fins torn to... Continue Reading →

That One Lost Soul

It was Halloween night. I had saved up $20 over the course of the last week. Times were difficult, but I promised to take myself out for a couple Jagger bombs at my favorite metal club. I was over worked and stressed. My soul was desperate to breathe. I needed the music. I needed a... Continue Reading →

Anya & Jack : Reunion

There it is, the knock at my door. My heart leaps, I check my make-up in the mirror. Taking a deep breath in I open the door to see you standing there. I give you the biggest hug I've ever given. We are quiet, not sure what to say. It's been so long, and there... Continue Reading →

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