Jack’s Smoke

Jack lights a cigarette. Any goal there may have been of quitting is out the window today. He lost his girlfriend then his job within hours. Damned be Hell if he should loose his smokes too. Liv always bitched about his smoking, told him to quit. Anya, though… she said it made him look sexy.


But he’s not one to pine. You’d have to be a masochist to dwell in that kind of pain. No point.


As for the job, he’s been wanting to go mercenary anyway. This is just true will burning everything else up in smoke. He’ll find his way.

Jack smoking the nepenthe passion and chaos by harley kallisti




Written for Masters of Flash Fiction

To read more of this character’s story click “Jack” in the category cloud on the side bar.

*image credits are on the About page


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      1. oh, haha… it’s a pic I found in the wordpress library and then put it through an art filter 🙂
        Some of the art I hand draw then put through the filters, but I’m not advanced enough yet to draw everything, so sometimes I use photos.

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