The Witch’s Potion

“I’m a monster. A demon,” the boy stares into his reflection.


The body beneath him moves. There’s no need for weapons, he has claws now, sharper than knives. Perhaps he’ll give them a try.


“You’ve taken my nepenthe. You will be damned,” she coughs up her own blood.


“Witch, you will die and soon I will be king.”


“You will be left all alone with only your demons by your side,” she warns.


He rips his claws into her body, but she only laughs.


“Look at your reflection…” she sneers.


He looks again.


“…You’re only a boy.”



Entry for Masters of Writing – flash fiction challenge 

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    1. Sort of! The cover art on this post was a photo I found online and I ran it through an art filter several times until I found the look I liked. Sometimes I will take my own pics and the ones that look like drawings are my own doodles also run through an art filter 🙂

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