Friend by the Waters Edge (The Boy and the Mermaid – part 2)

The men of Thyatira load the fishing boat while the boy sneaks around the corner to see his new found friend.   "I brought you another fairy," he says as he sees her surface from the water. "Why are you in the water?" he asks. "Because I cannot walk," she answers. He's silent and hands... Continue Reading →

A New Encounter (The Boy and the Mermaid – part 1)

He dives to catch it, but another set of hands lay under his. A girl in the water. He sits up. She cups the little fairy in her hands bringing it to her mouth and swallows it. She then disappears into the water.   The boy spends the next week capturing another fairy.¬† He then¬†... Continue Reading →

The Witch’s Potion

"I'm a monster. A demon," the boy stares into his reflection.   The body beneath him moves. There's no need for weapons, he has claws now, sharper than knives. Perhaps he'll give them a try.   "You've taken my nepenthe. You will be damned," she coughs up her own blood.   "Witch, you will die... Continue Reading →

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